Accessing Markets. Winning Business

Defining routes to market, getting your message across and winning significant sales in the fast moving and congested IT sector are issues common to many companies. Time and effort spent developing and proving IT products can leave little opportunity to deliver a connected sales and marketing strategy. In-house sales teams can be costly, inflexible and a significant drain on valuable management resource. The common result is that opportunities are lost or poor investment decisions are taken.

Establishing a new business in new markets without first hand local knowledge often creates conflicting priorities and challenges that can over-stretch even the most mature of businesses, let alone start-ups.

Many IT companies find that the product:market relationship evolves far faster than its internal sales force can handle. The consequence is often manifested in a lack of sales team focus, capacity constraints or, perhaps worst of all, an innovative product or service that misses its window of opportunity and ends up on the 'also-ran' pile.

Increasing numbers of companies are deriving significant benefit from partnering with independent sales & marketing-oriented organisations that have shared values and can deliver proven sales and marketing professionals at short notice.

ESP: The flexible approach to the complex sale.


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